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Threesomes are fun's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Threesomes are fun

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[06 Apr 2008|01:24pm]

Hey guys, I'm looking for a girl from London who would like a threesome with me and my friend-with-benefits. We're both friendly and looking for a girl age 16-22. I'm 18, he's 19. Love Kate xxxx
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Ongoing antics [11 Jan 2007|06:02pm]

Hi everyone! I'm a 22/f/Chicago and have been having mfm threesomes for about six months. Anyone interested in reading about the experiences I've had, check out my journal (warning: explicit content). I used to blog on MySpace and had many people tell me they found it helpful to read about somebody else's experiences with mfms, but unfortunately don't update there due to the solicitations that started pouring in. Check me out or not, but have fun and be safe!

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I have a huge sex drive - help [30 Jul 2006|08:11pm]


I have reached the point of giving in to every possible sexual desire. If the desire is there, I will do it, without regard to restraints of any sort. Is that bad? There are people like me, and I'm dying to meet them.

I need some feedback. I don't like feeling isolated.

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[31 Dec 2003|12:26pm]

Title:Fantasy's Lived Out
Summary:What's your sexual fantasy?
Warning:It's kinky.

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[28 Dec 2003|02:33pm]

I posted this in slashypunkboys, but Molly said I should post it here, too, so I will...

Title: Sunday Night
Author: Kat (in_the_shade)
Pairing: Billy/Jere/Tony
Rating: R
Warning: Kink. Don't like? Don't read.
Dedication: To Molly (i_rape_sporks), because she inspired me, and I wrote it just for her.

Summary: Everyone thought they were just a normal, cute, loving couple. And most of the time, they were.
But Sunday nights were differentCollapse )


PLEASE read and review, I'll love you forver and give you a cookie :)
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[10 Dec 2003|07:06pm]

People start posting or I will come after you with a rusty spork and poke your eyes out. I know at least one of you have written threesomes so fucking post them!!!!!!1111!!!!!11

^see you made me so furious I typed quasi teeny.
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[29 Nov 2003|04:34pm]

Ok so this is a community for slash threesomes. And here's my most recent 3some.

Title:Such a Manslut
Pairing:THe twins/Billy
Summary:Threesome. Should I say more?

Such a Manslut
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